Monday, January 3, 2022

Save the Earth for future generation


We, the human beings, survive on the earth as our mother shelter wherein exists land, air, water, etc. These are the foremost fundamental ingredients for all living things! As the best creature of all living things, we the human beings have to save this planet from being destroyed due to the imbalance of greenhouse gases & daily unusual misuse of fossil fuels. While earth is only the fifth largest planet in our solar system, it is the only world in our universe with liquid water on the surface. Do you know that the term of the earth refers to the Germanic word as well as the simplest meaning is “the ground?”

The earth's surface is covered with 71 percent of water. As we all have eye-witnessed the existence of imbalance carbon dioxide and other numerous harmful molecules having floated on this mother shelter never can be overlooked. If such hazardous fact increases in abundance amount consistently, then there is having no longer to be destroyed our home planet. The entire world is facing the worst climate as well as weather changes due to the bad effect of the highest global warming level. Even inhalation complexion is increasing the rate all around due to this fatal fact! Deforestation decreases oxygen level day to day, which brings an imbalance ratio of fresh air for entire living things.

Have you ever noticed the census of the international organization of greenhouse gas emissions per year? The rapidly growing scale of carbon dioxide touches the optimal globe threat wherein has been recorded by the census of 2020 is 35 billion tones. Most facts are responsible for this resemblance and comparatively, the power supply sectors are a highly responsible source for carbon dioxide emitting. Todays’ power sectors run through fossil fuels. We together have to bump up the speed of using the alternative natural source that is wholly inexhaustible as well as environmentally safe.

I appeal to the entire globe to come together and be a part of saving our home planet by using renewable energy sources in supplying more green energy to our daily needs. In this new year of 2022, I greet the entire globe with the warmest applause as well as best compliments to come forward with a potential commitment to reducing the global warming threat at all. I am doing this practically through EAPRO Global Ltd and together raise your hands and appeal to all to “save the earth for future generation” by using solar power systems! 

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